What I do

For the past ten years I have undertaken work based upon the names of colours. I tend to use household paints that have six shades in their test card, this in turn becomes my palette. I have always been intrigued by the written descriptions given to colours; a lot of these tend to be references to nature, and to describe something as complex as a forest in a single shade was always enough for me, to start challenging these descriptions to produce something visual that relates to the chosen words, but just using the six shades available in that particular colour.

Words have always tended to be the initial stimulus; colour is usually a secondary input after the specific word description has been chosen, but within certain Text Paintings it has been the colour that has required word responses for me to begin painting. These paintings have resulted in more random responses, but I feel a combination between both procedures have helped me evaluate the diversity of definition, when it comes to the power of the word alongside the sensual ambiguity of colour.